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We provide consulting, advising, and mentoring to help early-stage, high-growth companies develop and scale their business to keep up with their success. We provide expertise and hands-on assistance in a wide range of areas detailed below.
We help companies to build their engineering organizations to create the right products, with the right features, at the right time for their customers.
We help companies to build and scale their products to meet their customers' needs now and well into the future. Our expertise includes software, hardware, procurement, and manufacturing.
We help emerging leaders develop their skills to keep up with the success and demands of their high-growth companies.
We help high-growth companies organize and adapt to have the right people, in the right roles, at the right time.
Talent Management
We help companies to curate healthy, mission-driven cultures built on employee engagement and intrinsic motivation.
Recruiting and Hiring
We help companies build their staff through smart and effective recruiting and vetting built upon company mission and values.

Our Namesake

Why "Swiftcurrent?" The Swiftcurrent region of Glacier National Park is a beautiful ecosystem of mountains, meadows, glaciers, lakes, streams, and wildlife that provide an inspiring metaphor for building amazing products and healthy companies, cultures, and teams.
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What got you here won't get you there. Let Swiftcurrent be your partner in scaling your company to ensure your success now and into the future.
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